Elections & Voting

April 7, 2020 Drive through Election
April 7, 2020 Drive through Election

The newly enacted Voter ID Bill presents new procedures regarding voter registration and absentee ballots, and the Town Clerk is happy to guide residents through the new process.

Absentee ballots:

To request an absentee ballot, please contact the Town Clerk, Devona Udulutch, at 876-6265. The online form is still available here: http://gab.wi.gov/forms/gab-121-english.

To run for office:

General information for local government candidacy:

The following links provide you with the necessary forms, to be filed with the Town Clerk.

http://gab.wi.gov/forms/GAB-1  - Registration Statement
http://gab.wi.gov/forms/GAB-162 - Declaration of Candidacy
http://gab.wi.gov/forms/GAB-169 - Nomination paper for nonpartisan office.